Integrated Solid Waste Management Programme Brochures

The Integrated Solid Waste Management Programme has produced a variety of brochures to share information about our local waste management strategies and locally-relevant  household waste management activities for you to use at home.

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Survey

In 2012 the SWPU contracted the services of a local research and marketing firm to undertake a Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Survey to objectively assess the effectiveness of the education and public outreach initiatives of the ISWMP.

Schools Recycling Programme

The Schools Recycling Programme is meant to introduce children of all ages, along with the entire school community, in the primary and secondary schools to the importance of waste minimisation through the use of the 3R’s

Waste Busters Board Game

The Waste Busters board game was created to teach the young ones about discarding their garbage properly, and recycling.

Waste Characterization Study

A Waste Characterization Study was conducted to provide relevant, reliable, impartial and valuable data along with its analyses on the composition and quantity of solid waste being generated in Barbados.

Help Us By Taking a Survey

Climate Change, Wildfires and their Impacts on Health in Barbados

The University of the West Indies [UWI], Centre for Biosecurity Studies is conducting a survey to understand the health impacts of climate and wildfires (sugarcane, grass, and rubbish fires) on you and your family. 
The information that you share will be very beneficial and we would really appreciate your assistance. It will take just 6-8 minutes to complete this survey.
Take the Survey Here:
Please circulate it far and wide to your workmates, friends and relatives so that we can have a response from all areas and levels of the community. Thank you!