Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre

Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre, Inc. (SBRC) was formed in early 2008. SBRC receives and processes the island’s solid waste. The principal objective of the facility is to provide added protection of the environment from the harmful effects of solid waste. The immediate benefit to the Government and to Barbados is less waste going to the Sanitary Landfill, an extended landfill life and managed receiving and documentation of waste quantities and composition. Various agricultural groups benefit from the availability of mulches, blended soil mixes, compost, fuel and animal bedding. Long term benefits include the reuse of materials, which ultimately would be replaced with imports if no recycling is implemented, the measured placement of materials with long and short decomposition cycles, which allow better management of disposal sites and the ability to guard against the contamination of the ground water supply, the support of independent recyclers dealing primarily in scrap metal and the complementing of agreements to which Barbados is committed, such as: the Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution from Ship Generated Wastes (MARPOL), the Basel Convention on the Control of Trans-boundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal.

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SBRC Aerial Shot